Monday, January 12, 2009

Cabbage Patch Kids

Say what you will, but the Cabbage Patch dolls were all the rage in my home when I was growing up. And I have my 2 dolls of the CP variety for my daughter to play with. She loves them to bits; chomps and slobbers all over Dory's face as she unhesitatingly seeks to kiss her.

Shiloh, it has been said, looks a bit like a CP doll. (Of course, she is so much cuter, and she's alive and not plastic and cloth. But you know.) Hubbby (oops, how's that for cold fingers down here in the basement) loves this look-alike idea. He asked me where the camera was and then here's what he was up to:

He seriously snapped 13 of them--a total photo shoot!--before he got this one. Well worth it. Do you see the resemblance? Shiloh is in the middle in case you had a hard time with it.

I made almond hummus today. Mmm, it is so good. Chickpea hummus does not like me (at least the sprouted kind.) I made almond milk today as well. Then I put the rest of the almonds I had soaked in the dehydrator. They're much better (tasting and health-wise) for you that way.

I've been offering my TLC of the foot massaging variety as of late. My Christmas gifts to family and friends were a complete foot package:

1. Almond Oil and Peppermint Foot Bath

2. Peppermint & Rosemary Foot Scrub

3. Tea Tree & Lemon Foot Balm (along with a foot massage)

I made all of the products, too. It was fun. It was a pleasure for me to serve those I love by helping their foot toxins to be released (peppermint is wonderful) and enjoy some quality time being on the servant end of things, albeit a strange and new way to serve (it's not every day someone asks to rub your feet while spending time with family.)

Michael and I washed each other's feet (literally) at our wedding to demonstrate Jesus Christ's servant heart to each other. When I took his socks off to do so, he had huge rockets of dark fuzz sticking to his feet!! All of the wedding guests craned their necks to see this rickshaw. We put a picture of this occurrence into our wedding photo album to commemorate the grand moment.

As a young child of 9 years old, I told all that I aspired to be a "writer and a rider." See, I loved to write even then. I wanted to be an author, I explained when people asked what I meant, and a rider of horses. I do still love horses. My grandfather offered to buy me one at that time but I was afraid I wouldn't take good care of it. I rue that choice. (Please, may I have another chance? This time, I'd say yes!) Anyhow, tonight, my father asked if I would write a friend of theirs' life story. He is from Liberia and has such a story to tell! God, I think, has been preparing me for this. I had been looking for part-time, work-from-home freelance work and it was causing me much distress because I knew I was supposed to be writing...but I couldn't find what I was supposed to be writing about. God dropped this one in my lap. Wow, He never ever ceases to be amazing in my life! Whatever comes from this, I do not know...but I love to share God-stories with others.

*Change in this: I met once with my parents' friend to interview him concerning the details of his story. He told me later (after he wrote the book) that the interview was the stirring impetus God used to complete his written story! God's Will is best!