Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rody ride!

Birthday gifts are fun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Queen of Wii

For me, much of the news I can do without, but this I had to share. I am not the Queen of Wii (in fact I've never even played) but the Queen of England has been gifted with her very own gold-plated version! Reports have even said she was "addicted" to playing Prince William's last Christmas. So I suppose she is thinking...why not be on the receiving end of a new gaming project promotion?? And with shiny packaging at that! If you can hardly believe it yourself...
Sigh...I love my family. Little Shiloh is all curled up in a sweet, soft baby ball in bed. And my hubby gave me a back massage already I think we're going to the zoo later!

The Farmer's Market is going splendidly! It was last night. I consider myself victorious if I had fun, talked with people and helped women recognize and live out their beauty in Christ Jesus and more at peace! Creating the products and passing on the knowledge is such a joy, too. Thank You, GOD!!

Did I mention that we are constantly watching The Gospel of John in this household? I mean, as soon as it is over (and the intro music plays for a while) we turn it back on! I love listening to the Word of God as I talk with my husband, do chores, play with Shiloh, work for the spa, whatever it may be. I see how much more we, as a family, are loving like Jesus as our "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." There are times when I stop and stare at the screen, and realize I am allowing the truth to penetrate my inner core. Oh, He is good to me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My "Did-Do" List

This is my own version of a "To-Do" list, that is, the total opposite and very fun way of looking at my day list! Instead of looking at what I didn't get done as I scour my mental to-do list, I delight in what I DID!!!

*Nursed and snuggled with my sweet baby girl 27 times or so
*Sewed while she slept on my lap
*Watched/had "The Gospel of John" playing in the background all day (2x worth)
*Repaired the sock monkey I made when I was 10 years old
*Vacuumed the dog hair off the living room rug twice
*Gleefully opened the package from the mailman with worldwide fair trade gifts for our home and the spa
*Blew out wooden candles on a wooden birthday cake and smacked my lips as I savored the scrumptious taste as I role-played
*Sat outside and played in the grass
*Chased the dog in the sun as the baby clapped her hands
*Placed recycling in the recycling bin
*Placed compost in the compost bin
*Discovered panda nesting gourd "baby" was actually a shaker (well, Shiloh discovered it!)
*Had a few band performances for the dog and ourselves
*Danced in the circle with a tambourine above my head
*Put away birthday presents and wrapping from Michael and Shiloh's dual birthday party
*Bounced on Rody's back as Shiloh rolled on Quackles
*Opened (with Michael) two of his birthday presents in the mail and wondered why one of them looked like it would only fit me
*Watched "Tiny Treasures" (of course!) and sang and danced along
*Replaced oversized living room rug with fair trade Afghan rug to cut down on dog hair accumulation and support families whose men would otherwise fight for the Taliban
*Gave Shiloh a bath and found a cockroach living in the Neti Pot
*Folded and put away laundry
*Up the stairs...down the stairs...up the stairs...practicing with Shiloh
*Read Bible story rhymes
*Marveled at how intricate the design was on Shiloh's handmade shirt from the Philippines
*Shared a mostly-raw taco dinner with the baby
*Read a book while Shiloh slept on my tummy
*Made a huge yummy breakfast for my family
*Discussed different shapes on a puzzle with Shiloh
*Listened to Michael read Shiloh's favorite book (My Dad)
*Repaired a rip in one of my favorite skirts only to find another in the same skirt
*Shared tiramisu (from Michael's work dinner) with him once he brought it home
*Played a game I've dubbed "Lovely Ladies" as Shiloh and I donned lovely scarves
*Got dressed in beautiful, brightly-colored skirts and shirts
*Played with alphabet puzzle by rearranging all of the letter pieces and corresponding pictures
*Stacked panda nesting gourd and watched it topple
*Shared homemade flaxseed crackers and guac and later, chocolate with Shiloh

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How can it be?

My baby is turning one!! I do not know what to do except thank God for such an incredible roller coaster year. Michael and I couldn't wait (well, maybe it was more my prompting) to give Shiloh her birthday gifts, so we gave her one early. It's called "Band in a Box" and it sure is noisy! And I love it! Maracas, a tambourine, a triangle to call folks in for dinner, a clapper, itsy bitsy cymbals, and a rhythm stick complete the instrument ensemble. We had soooome fun today.

It feels good to make decisions. I used to put off making decisions that I thought were important because I didn't want to make the wrong one. But now!! The freedom I have tasted in trusting God that even if I do make the wrong decision, He's got it all under control! This has been especially timely as I now have a home-based business with lots of little and big decisions to make on a daily basis!! Thank You, God, for redeeming every bit of me. (This is also described as passing His people on from glory to glory spoken of in His Word.)'s past midnight, so yeah, two days ago in the morning...I wake up to the baby crawling on my head and pokes from her chubby little baby fingers (like every morning.) I am still resting with my eyes closed though. But then there was a new one. I hear this chhhip! ripping sound and then a whoomp and something lands on my head. I open my eyes and it's a diaper!! A very full and wet diaper!! Haha! I'll tell you what, we got out of bed in a hurry so as to place a new diaper on her before she let loose anything else! My husband said, "Well, at least it wasn't a poopy one." Aptly said.