Thursday, October 2, 2008


I used to be a Non-Blogger. Without a doubt, I was opposed to even a hint of the idea. Now I had no problem with others blogging, but for me it was this inane realm of Dr. Suess-caliber writing (certainly he was a great children's storyteller, but couldn't you see him blogging?) What was the need for a giant online gushing? When friends or strangers mentioned their blogs and then prepared to ask me about mine, I became shifty as a fox about to raid the chicken pen as I concocted ways to evade the Big Question.

And then it happened. I became a blogger. As of today.

Bloggers are a breed all their own. Obsessive blogger is a creator of energetic bursts of prose, frantic that he'll disappoint his friends if he doesn't blog by noon. Worldwide Traveler blogger lives somewhere outside her followers' sphere and maintains a blog out of necessity of contact with loved ones and supporters. Handmade Wares blogger advertises her exploits in particular crafts. Business blogger is a company-paid exec eager to impress his cohorts and rivals alike. And Furious blogger rants about the rising gas prices, his burned breakfast at the restaurant this morning, the jump in gas prices, the severed donnybrook with his job, and at times a post or two about the influx of expensive gasoline (again.)

And of course, that only covers a few. The truth is, though, that this world is replete with people ready to share their stories with that world. So, what type of blogger am I? I am a Neo-Blogger, which I will define as a new kind of blogger that doesn't blog for any reason except one: the love of the written word. Said differently--I can't not write. It's in me to write. Words grip me and move me and then mess with me. Words are constantly flying through my head ready to land on paper or word processor, in song or poem or prose, like a thirsty honeybee to a sweet flower. In this postmodern age, I resist change for change's sake. I do not blog to be inside the loop (although I am loopy) nor to be technologically savvy. However, to share my words with the virtual world and, virtually the the words of Gimli in the Lord of the Rings (which I can be absolutely neurotic about), ay, I can do that.

So world, here you are.

(Disclaimer: Information presented on this blog is considered public information, unless otherwise noted. Any references made to persons, alive or dead, is completely intentional. If you are or have been or will be a blogger of the various sort that is parodied above, please do not be offended...I was only kidding. At least a little bit kidding...)


rachaeldear said...

welcome to the world of blogging!!!

madamquizmaster said...

As of late, I am barely a blogger. My poor xanga was neglected up until my last couple posts about our North Carolina trip. I look forward to reading yours!