Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Teeccino & Me

If you ever visit my home, I will offer you an array of beverages (depending on what we have on hand.) From Brita Pitcher-filtered water to iced tea, or the Coke Zero my parents-in-law left in the fridge from their last stay with us, I will hurriedly name these all--but I will be disappointed and almost impervious if I have to stop there. I will extend the invitation for you to consume one of the various teas and coffees in our collection. But then...I will also give you the opportunity to choose teeccino. Once the word leaves my lips, I will lean forward (undoubtedly invading your personal space) as I anticipate you agreeing that teeccino would be the best for you today. Even if you choose another, I will still secretly hope you want teeccino later. Yes, it is that good.

Ah...teeccino. A declivity into teeccino brings me face-to-face with a smooth molasses color, nutty and fruity on all accounts as I swish it around so my taste buds can soak in a long, warm bath. What a satisfying beverage. Thinking about the drink causes a stint of horripilation, making me thankful that when I woke up, I began the day well by turning on the "coffee" pot and brewing some teeccino. I think it will be ready in about 2 minutes. Then, I'll scoot upstairs to greet the early morning light once more as I pour my Pier 1 ceramic mug full of my favorite hot beverage.

It's ready! The first tiny sip is all I've had, since the temperature is still frighteningly high. My hands were momentarily cupped around the sides of my mug to bring some blood flow back into my fingers as I sit in this old basement. Alas, I had to release my grip in order to type. Almond milk completes my morning cup...just a little to calm down the warmth and provide a creamy swirl, like an ice cream cone of rich chocolate with a tad of vanilla to lighten the wealth.

(This isn't teeccino, but it is pretty good latte art, don't you think?)

I didn't grow the teeccino beans in my backyard. And they aren't even beans. The ingredients in teeccino are as diverse as there are different types of vegetarians. Starting off with roasted carob and barley, adding some chicory root, then enjoying the fruitful addition of sweet dates, nutty almonds, and crunchy figs is the base of teeccino. By finishing it off with amaretto flavoring, then combining it with the process of a drip coffee maker or French press, into a container of choice deliciously flows my preferred coffee substitute blend, Almond Amaretto Teeccino! Even before that happens, the drink has to come from somewhere. That somewhere is the Mediterranean. The area obviously has many quality goods to offer the world: a sparkling sea surrounded by a creative mixture of stone and earth, sumptuous food choices, people of various backgrounds and creeds. Teeccino's fine ingredients originated in the Mediterranean and the process used to brew the grounds is akin to the area. Absolutely incredible. Good for my soul and for my body. And yours, too.

Here's how: the lack of caffeine is undoubtedly high on my list, at least in comparison to why it's a good substitute for coffee (and at times, tea, too), because of my experiences in college of a painful addiction to coffee which drew me close to a sugary caffeinated pit. I think it is very similar to coffee in taste. Although Michael says he likes teeccino, he doesn't believe it tastes like coffee. However, I have a responsibility to mention that he is a full-out coffee snob. (He even describes himself as so.) Naturally full of non-stimulating ingredients, teeccino actually has energy-related nutrients. Just like Cheerios professes, teeccino is healthy for the heart in its inclusion of potassium and soluble fiber. Inulin in chicory root moves along things in the digestive end (pun intended) and creates an easier time for things to be absorbed that should be. And another amazing benefit is that it will not simply help bring bodily balance but will restore alkalinity, thus making you a much happier person.

I have included a link to the website at the bottom of this post so you can do more research (and online ordering!) if you are inclined. There is much more that I didn't discuss that you could find interesting, including the Top Reasons to be Caffeine-Free and the Caffeine Addiction Quiz (below the main link.) Did you know there are recipes that include teeccino? That is a new one for me. Be sure to check out the teeccino merch before you become overly distracted.

Sip on, my friend.


Michelle said...

Hahhaha Allie, this is SO you! This made me miss you and your beverages!

rachaeldear said...

goodness... reading that made me feel cozy and sleepy. you should be in advertising!

kimsue22 said...

You crack me up!!!!
I'm so glad I turned you on to the Teecinno!!
You make me want a cup and first thing in the morn, that is just what I will have!
Peace out, sister!