Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Phone Call

This morning, Shiloh and I began reading Chippy Goes to the Dentist (one of Shiloh's current favorites) and didn't get too much into the story before Michael/Daddy woke up and we ate breakfast together.

After breakfast, as I was putting away the leftover food, I saw the book nearby and said, "Shiloh, do you want to finish Chippy Goes to the Dentist now?"

Shiloh replied, "You can, Mama. I am getting a phone call from Pooh Bear," and picked up her "cell phone."

I can say heartily that children learn by modeling! Michael and I are not people who are on our phones a whole lot, but I suppose she's noticed times that we're momentarily unavailable because of a phone call.

May I endeavor to be fully engaged in every moment, O Lord.

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