Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pancakes are Love

Is it illegal to steal a line from a movie and use it as a blog's post title? Well, I just did. (Are there Blog Police?) Speed Racer, I do not jest here, is a simply funny movie. That's where that line came from. Seriously! The evil head of the big corporation trying to buy out Speed Racer's family's business says that to the Racer family before he embarks on a pancake fest complete with syrupy goodness. Do you like Pokemon? I always thought it was a bit annoying...you know, all of the jerky motions and lights and dialogue that never quite meshes with the character's moving mouths...but the same strange antics totally work in this movie. No doubt, watching it at 2 in the morning probably made me think it was all the more awesome (because I was tired.) Then again, any movie that has the line "pancookins l'amour" (translation: pancakes are love) has to be at least a little bit good. Go rent it, but only when you're in a weird mood. Or if it's late at night. My advice.

So! January was a busy month! Our family attended 2 weddings (on the same day!) and a birthday celebration, along with the typical grocery store adventures, house church meetings, friends coming over and such. I met with my parents' friend from Liberia to interview him concerning his story. Michael's work is going splendidly. And the word of the month was crawling! Shiloh is all over the place! She loves the 3-CD changer tower and speakers. In no time she'll pull all of the CD's and DVD's that we are currently listening to/watching if we don't catch her in time.

Story time. Pull up a carpet square and bring it in close, because this is a good one. So, the other day we (Shiloh and I) were watching a rock concert on DVD. I actually listened to a lot of rock music while pregnant (should've seen me bee-bopping all over when I was 9 months pregnant) and even listened to rock while I was in labor. Basically, she's heard this group before (they're called Red) and so she was rocking out along...clapping her hands and bouncing up and down in front of the TV. Must've decided she liked her rock lmusic ouder because she proceeded to turn up the volume with the little knob--and I mean it got LOUD...so I turned it down again and said something like "oh, that's a bit too loud", in a kind and loving voice. Then, she swiveled her little head to look at me and GRABBED THE VOLUME KNOB AND TURNED IT BACK UP!! Whoa! Laughed my head off, I did! After I picked myself back up, I grabbed her blocks and we were playing with those. Looking right at the lead singer singing into his microphone she picked up one of her curved blocks and SANG INTO IT! We have a little genius rock star in our midst.

I have resorted to wearing my winter coat in the basement when I work on the computer. There is quite the chill in here and I do believe it is colder in here than outside.

Pancakes are love. Be sure to tell someone you love those three little words today. It could change your loved one's life.

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