Sunday, February 8, 2009

Raw Foodist Colony

Shiloh was just sitting on my lap, typing on an old computer keyboard we have sitting around, while I checked my e-mail. This makes me want to be careful what I do even more because I know she's watching what I do. This cannot become legalistic, but can only spring from God's humbling, perfect love.

I'm going to do it!! No matter where we happen to be living this spring/summer, I'm going to plant a HUGE garden. I am so sick of shelling out money for organic and local produce when I could grow it in my own backyard (actually, it might be the front yard, which would be hilarious!! Our backyard is on a problematic downward slant. So we shall see. When you come to visit, you may have to weave through some tomato plants and quinoa stalks in order to reach the front stoop!) I've had a multitude of reasons as to why I couldn't start it before now. But no more.

Here's more thought for food!! We're soon to switch to raw milk through an Amish farm's co-op near us. We've already switched to raw cheese through another co-op. Yum; I love it! Another foodie change is that I am now a quasi-raw foodist. I would say we're eating about 50% raw, 50% cooked...or maybe 75% raw, 25% cooked. Mike pondered that if a bunch of raw foodists lived together, they would have to be called a raw foodist for thought...

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