Monday, February 7, 2011

Praises to Our Strong God

God, You've given me Your Word, which is faithful and always fulfilled:
"I will continually give your children reigning favor; this is true as long as they seek Me and My covenant truth and welcome My teaching into their spirits. Forever your children will reign, either on earth since You're My people or in Heaven with me for all eternity."

How true it is that You have chosen Your people to be at peace and make Your dwelling in! You will always be here with us because You want to be here with us. Yes, a blessing shower for those who are here, and a bountiful feast for those who are hungry.

Clean righteousness garments for Your priestly children! We'll sing, sing, sing! Praise will sprout from the ground and the light will shine for the One You have anointed! Put to shame are Your enemies, but You and Your crown are resplendent!

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