Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alien Poop

I just added a bunch of pics to my older posts. I hardly have time to blog, so adding pictures is a treat! Enjoy!

I am feeling especially giggly right now. You could say just about anything to me, and I would giggle. My daughter just began this new expression where she shrugs her shoulders Like one of those mini cupcakes with a hint of frosting on top. But cuter.

Martha is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. I haven't seen her in about 5 years or so, but I think about her and pray for her still. She did (or might now) work as a cleaning lady for the college I attended. She was quite the cleaner. Always perky, singing a tune, smiling at me as she scrubbed when I came into the bathroom to use the bathroom or shower or pop a pimple (yes, sigh, even in college.) Well, Martha and I became good chums. I eventually made a point to search her out. Sometimes she was vaccuuming, or wiping down our suite's full-size mirrow with Windex, her latex gloves squeaking against the glass. Wherever or whatever, once I found her, she stopped cleaning and we would catch up. We had such fun talking.

One week, another lady was cleaning the bathroom. No Martha in sight. I asked the woman where Martha was, and she said that Martha's husband was in the hospital. I was devastated. Martha came back to work eventually. When I found her the day she returned, she was crying as she worked. I instantly said, "Oh, Martha, I heard about your husband! How is he?" She wrapped her arms around me and sobbed, "Oh! He died a few days ago!" We gripped each other like baby koalas on their mommies and cried together. I wasn't married at the time, but I could only imagine how hard it would be to come back to work in order to pay the bills after such a time. She had lost her best friend, her confidante, the father of her kids, her provider. Martha wasn't one to give up on God, even when she had suffered losing her hubby. She told me she knew God loved her and would help her through this time. My heart soaked up her words like a thirsty beachfront.

I moved to a different dorm after a while and lost touch with Martha. I cannot forget her face, nor her love for God, nor her friendship. What beauty.

Back to my baby. I feel a bit obsessed with chatting about her nose. You see, she loves to eat our noses. And below, an action shot...
I guess it's only fair I talk about hers a little. She always gets crazy large boogers after she has been doing that scrunchy-whistley thing I mentioned earlier. That must be because she sucks up so much dirt and other lovely items when she does it. Honestly, her boogers can rival just about any adult's.

I'll close with a conversation Mike and I had the other day...
Mike: "Whoa, she just filled up her entire diaper with poop. It was like as much as a human's."
Me: "A human's? She is a human!"
Me: "So it's like alien poop?"
Mike: "Uh...yeah. I meant an adult."

(Btw, he is extremely intelligent, just silly.)


jen said...

i laughed out loud when i read this post! i really want to meet your baby, the photos are sooo cute!

jen said...

not about martha but about the alien poop. i do remember martha though, what a dear woman.