Thursday, December 25, 2008

Trophy Winners

So, I know it's Christmas Day and I should blog about Christmas-y stuff like family or "the reason for the season" (who is, btw, Jesus)...but I won't be too mushy. There are way too many quirky events that have happened as we've been "on holiday time" to be too serious. We are vacationing at my parents'-in-law's house in frigidly cold Michigan right now. Once we were on the road, I fell asleep in snow-less Indiana. As I dreamt, Mike saw a transformation on the road and endured an interstate blizzard once we crossed Michigan's state lines. Then we hit a driveway blizzard at my parents'-in-law's house. Suppose they weren't really blizzards, but to a lover of sun that I am, any snow is a welcome mat to flurry frenzy.

To the left of the computer that I am currently typing on (which is not in an icy basement, I am forever grateful) is a trophy of phenomenal proportions. Although the size of this is larger than some trophies, I actually am speaking to...Shiloh is perched on my front in a wrap, but she is right back.

As I was saying. Although the size of this is larger than some trophies, I actually am speaking to the award that my father-in-law received that warranted such a thing. His former workplace had a frolicking good time at a company picnic years ago, playing games like volleyball and a balloon toss. When the water balloon toss came around, well, I'll just say that John Dad was up to the challenge. He gave it all he had, and boy, did he! We was the NACQ Water Balloon Toss Winner! Unfortunately, he ripped up his rotator cuff throroughly and had to have a surgery to mend his shoulder afterwards. Yes, he is a passionate water ballooner, but his intense love of the sport wasn't what caused the injury. He already had a post-college softball trauma to the shoulder. The water ballooning simply finished him off. And now, he has this awesome trophy to share as he gears up for the next water balloon toss games (whenever that may be.)

There are two dudes on this trophy--Dude #1 is carrying a briefcase and is stepping forward as though he is about to embark for another riveting office cubicle day. Dude #2 is a Greek triathlete replica with the ancient sandals, toga and ivy head wreath in his hand. It is as though Briefcase Man is the modern-day god-like hero to the days-of-old Greek Olympiad.

And I have to share about the food. The slabs of cheese, sweet summer sausage, salads piled high with veggies and fancy shrimp bowl are all out in the garage. Mom Nola dubbed it "The Cold Room"--and that it is. There's no room in the fridge for all of the vittles, so in the garage it is. Oh, and it is perched on the hood of the Cadillac. Food is much better when it has been on the hood of a Cadillac. So I've heard.

Okay, just a wee bit of mushy stuff. This Christmas is the first year where I've had my own baby. I've been thinking about how much Mary (Jesus' mama) loved her child, and God, to take on the incredible responsibility she did. Birthing a baby in an animal's stall, under a terrorizing king's reign, after a painful journey to her husband-to-be's hometown...and also after being greeted with quite a bit of contempt from those who failed to understand Who she carried--was amazing for a mother to do. Lest I lift Mary up beyond a human admiration, I settle my gaze on Jesus. He loves so well, and so much, and so humbly. To have become a little babe when He is truly Creator God and Covenant God! Oh, how I love Him!

I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing on this day that I like to honor and celebrate Christ Jesus' birth and the God whom I serve and love. He deserves the world's biggest trophy for being the Best God Ever Winner.

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