Friday, December 26, 2008

Pizza Talk

I realize I run the danger now of becoming "Incessant Blogger" that I speak of in my October 2nd post. I've blogged 3 days now in a row, bam bam bam. What do I do with all of this extra time on my hands?! I blog, therefore I am.

Oregano Face is Michael's newly-earned nickname. I don't want to beat a proverbial dead horse here. (See the "You are my pants" post if you're genuinely confused.) However, I wish I could smear the smell on this post so you could have a whiff of this herbally goodness. Are you familiar with those high-end pizza restaurants which dish up gourmet pizzas and other Italiano food? Their pizzas come complete with a fresh herbal garden array on top, melting into the cheese and flavoring it immensely. Oregano hails from the European region, Mediterranean area and parts of Asia. Check this out: it is one of those herbs high in antioxidants and antimicrobes! Yes, 'tis true! And here's more detail about those antioxidants...the phenolic acids and flavonoids kicks out those free radicals, which is radical since they kill our cells and that is not good. So I want those outta me. And I'm just getting started on oregano. No, I'll quit with some sweet pics of oregano (in a field and in a pot, respectively.) Feel free to learn more at

It must run in the family, because not only Michael thinks Shiloh is an alien. This morning John Dad mentioned how "Shiloh's poop is different since she now enjoys human food." Once again, I must remind you all she is not in an alien, but a human form.

More on pizza. I grew up going to a pizza joint which, craftily described by my parents, was "the absolute funnest" pizza place EVER. Hands down, everyone. It still is (except this other one that I cannot recall the name of that went out of business when I was a child. My family did go to it a few times before it was lost to the world forever. They served all types of yummylicious food, and had a magnificent pipe organ adorned with multicolored lights that lit up when the organist played. We requested songs by writing them on pieces of paper and placing them on the organ's platform. If only it was around now...) Pizza King Station is the one I was describing a minute ago. Have you ever been to one, or heard of it?? A toy train whistles and chugs by the booth we sit in and brings our beverages. A gaming system and a television are also at each booth. Whoa, who does that? Pizza is great in and of itself; then adding such features makes my day, any day.

Shiloh is unable to process any dairy or egg protein. That equals no dairy and no eggs for her and for me, too. So, she hasn't had pizza technically, but she did have a bit of pepperoni and some zesty tomato sauce recently. I ordered a cheeseless pizza at Donato's when we had a family date there a few weeks ago. It was...interesting. But tasty.

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