Friday, May 22, 2009

The Queen of Wii

For me, much of the news I can do without, but this I had to share. I am not the Queen of Wii (in fact I've never even played) but the Queen of England has been gifted with her very own gold-plated version! Reports have even said she was "addicted" to playing Prince William's last Christmas. So I suppose she is thinking...why not be on the receiving end of a new gaming project promotion?? And with shiny packaging at that! If you can hardly believe it yourself...
Sigh...I love my family. Little Shiloh is all curled up in a sweet, soft baby ball in bed. And my hubby gave me a back massage already I think we're going to the zoo later!

The Farmer's Market is going splendidly! It was last night. I consider myself victorious if I had fun, talked with people and helped women recognize and live out their beauty in Christ Jesus and more at peace! Creating the products and passing on the knowledge is such a joy, too. Thank You, GOD!!

Did I mention that we are constantly watching The Gospel of John in this household? I mean, as soon as it is over (and the intro music plays for a while) we turn it back on! I love listening to the Word of God as I talk with my husband, do chores, play with Shiloh, work for the spa, whatever it may be. I see how much more we, as a family, are loving like Jesus as our "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." There are times when I stop and stare at the screen, and realize I am allowing the truth to penetrate my inner core. Oh, He is good to me!

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