Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My "Did-Do" List

This is my own version of a "To-Do" list, that is, the total opposite and very fun way of looking at my day list! Instead of looking at what I didn't get done as I scour my mental to-do list, I delight in what I DID!!!

*Nursed and snuggled with my sweet baby girl 27 times or so
*Sewed while she slept on my lap
*Watched/had "The Gospel of John" playing in the background all day (2x worth)
*Repaired the sock monkey I made when I was 10 years old
*Vacuumed the dog hair off the living room rug twice
*Gleefully opened the package from the mailman with worldwide fair trade gifts for our home and the spa
*Blew out wooden candles on a wooden birthday cake and smacked my lips as I savored the scrumptious taste as I role-played
*Sat outside and played in the grass
*Chased the dog in the sun as the baby clapped her hands
*Placed recycling in the recycling bin
*Placed compost in the compost bin
*Discovered panda nesting gourd "baby" was actually a shaker (well, Shiloh discovered it!)
*Had a few band performances for the dog and ourselves
*Danced in the circle with a tambourine above my head
*Put away birthday presents and wrapping from Michael and Shiloh's dual birthday party
*Bounced on Rody's back as Shiloh rolled on Quackles
*Opened (with Michael) two of his birthday presents in the mail and wondered why one of them looked like it would only fit me
*Watched "Tiny Treasures" (of course!) and sang and danced along
*Replaced oversized living room rug with fair trade Afghan rug to cut down on dog hair accumulation and support families whose men would otherwise fight for the Taliban
*Gave Shiloh a bath and found a cockroach living in the Neti Pot
*Folded and put away laundry
*Up the stairs...down the stairs...up the stairs...practicing with Shiloh
*Read Bible story rhymes
*Marveled at how intricate the design was on Shiloh's handmade shirt from the Philippines
*Shared a mostly-raw taco dinner with the baby
*Read a book while Shiloh slept on my tummy
*Made a huge yummy breakfast for my family
*Discussed different shapes on a puzzle with Shiloh
*Listened to Michael read Shiloh's favorite book (My Dad)
*Repaired a rip in one of my favorite skirts only to find another in the same skirt
*Shared tiramisu (from Michael's work dinner) with him once he brought it home
*Played a game I've dubbed "Lovely Ladies" as Shiloh and I donned lovely scarves
*Got dressed in beautiful, brightly-colored skirts and shirts
*Played with alphabet puzzle by rearranging all of the letter pieces and corresponding pictures
*Stacked panda nesting gourd and watched it topple
*Shared homemade flaxseed crackers and guac and later, chocolate with Shiloh

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