Thursday, June 4, 2009

Antioxidant Baby, er, Toddler

Shiloh will be chock full of antioxidants the older she becomes. I think she'll even say "antioxidant" by her second birthday. Blueberries are the only food she won't ever turn down (well, there was that one time...) She and I shared almost an entire 6 oz. package of organic blueberries that came in our Farm Fresh Delivery bin today. Yum!!

Hiding items in various places is Shiloh's newest craze! It is quite a game. I find little dolls stuck in baskets, crayons in the doll cradle, mixing beater in the magazine rack...even play food under the tablecloth in the kitchen or, while I'm sitting next to her, she'll tuck toys under the hem of my skirt!

We're visiting JPUSA ( this weekend and also seeing some friends who live near Chicago. We've been stoked about this idea of intentional community living for some time now, and we're looking for the next step in the process. My excitement cannot be contained!

Lastly, I've been doing a candida cleanse of sorts. Slowly, (as I've mentioned before) I am eating less cooked food and more raw food. And any food I do eat typically is a candida-killer. But I must say, this cleanse is not for the faint-hearted. Or faint-boweled. (Need not say more.)

I have been consuming large amounts of raw garlic (which is perfect for ridding the body of candida) and I love all aspects of it! However, Michael has a major problem with me consuming large amounts of said raw garlic. We have a daily conundrum.

Michael is joining in on this purification as well. It truly is hard for both of us--Michael loves his carbs and red meat, and I love me some sugarrrrrrr...

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