Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walking! (and shoe surprises)

'Tis time for summer, and obviously, for Shiloh to begin walking! And I mean REALLY walking. She's been the master of a few steps here and there for quite some time now. Now, on to conquer new territory.

Yesterday, we went to a state park for some muddy hiking and old-fashioned creek stomping. I even brought the dog along. Once we came to a pretty little alcove where the creek was shallow enough, I slung the Ergo backpack over a short tree branch (just about breaking it), pulled the baby's shoes off, and let her splash to her heart's delight! She turned over all of the stones and made sure to give me a few as creek gifts. I had the wiggly dog on the leash too. Pearl was a mischief-maker and slipped into a deep part of the creek. Wet and mud-caked, she received a bath as soon as we were home.

Sadly, when I said it was time to move along, Shiloh had a fit, even though we'd been there for a good stretch. Have you seen when a child at an amusement park or the zoo (or any other super fun place that a child doesn't want to leave, for that matter) goes all slack against the will of the frazzled-looking parent? Full-out kicking and crying with an occasional scream? Well, that was Shiloh. Part of it was that she hadn't had a nap yet. And...yes, she is expressive! On we trailed...I stopped at the top of a hill and surveyed the scene, breathing in the forest and thanking God for such a beautiful nature that He made. I couldn't even begin to think how He crafted every single stem and leaf with superior care. The trees cannot hem in His majesty.

Today, the crayons came from their shelf hiding place! Today was just the day! Shiloh had never played with them before. She began by eating them, but then moved on to other ways to play with them...

Next up: drawing with crayons! (I just hope not on the floor! Remember Pippi Longstocking??)

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