Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tiny Treasures

"Never will I set my children in front of a TV so that I can get work done/rest/read!" I at one time said.

Well, folks...Shiloh Peace is such a busy little one. I mean, ALWAYS a 'movin and a 'shakin. And she likes to be velcroed to me sometimes. (But God has given me such compassion for her!) Honestly, there are times when I am in serious need of a shower...or to close my eyes for a few seconds...or to breathe deeply and walk out of the room without her pulling at my in goes Tiny Treasures. This video is a kid-led singalong show where children are encouraged to remember how treasured they are to God. I love it! I love how it teaches my daughter truth just as I could use a hefty dose of truth myself. She believes the truth after she watches it. And this is my latest secret to sanity. That, and lots and lots of prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ, who I could not be alive without.

Lately, I need a crescendo of peace! Today, at the Farmers Market, Shiloh smelled the flowers next to my spot rather than eating them. This was a first! Also, she waved toward a person instead of toward herself. Chronicling these events helps me keep them all in order because they all happen so quickly! no time!

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