Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Homemaking at Home

Spring must be the time for me to get in gear for creating raw/homemade stuff, because I have seriously been wiping my brow as I knock out my internal I-want-to-create-oh-so-many-new-homemade-things-list! For instance, there is the new home spa I began. I decided to call it Terebinth Spa (another name for the common oak.) Isaiah 61:3 was my inspiration and I am thankful to partner with God in this endeavor! (What I mean is, I haven't a clue as to what I am doing with this whole spa thing, but I am listening to God one step at a time.) Check out my spa blog at Other recent creations include my "Villa Villepatchouli Hair Tonic" (drawing from one of my favorite characters, Pippi Longstocking) and "Manly Man Shaving Soap." Let me inundate you with a few homemade recipe pictures...on the left, a foot balm disaster (the entire pot boiled over, leaving its vanilla shade behind and going for a dark chocolate brown, which means it...burned...) and on the right, the beautiful rainbowed array of the beginnings of a raw tomato-based sauce called "Italian Red."

Michael accidentally schlepped up his hair with the shaving soap today!! That was too funny. He was in a rush to leave for work, so he said it would have to do. Personally, I think it probably is fine, although I wouldn't go around telling anyone so. Hush hush.

Ever heard of Mothering magazine? This past issue features my hubby and baby in the Letters section!!! Here is the picture I sent in...duh duh duh...

It's obviously not difficult to see why I sent this darling image in. Shiloh had smiled prior to the taking of this picture (she was about 11 weeks old here), but this was the first one I caught on camera. Dripping with jog sweat, I thought, "oh, why not snap a pic before I shower?" And this is what came from my snap-happy fingers. What cuties they are!!

In college, I purchased a slightly tacky yet fashionable-at-the-time leopard-print children's camping chair duo. My thought was to save it for my future kids' use. Well, tis future time, and my daughter loves it!!

Story about this picture! When Mike and I were registering for our wedding, we wanted this huge pot to keep spare change in. We actually thought we'd save our spare change up and use it in 25 years to take a big anniversary trip. It was spent years ago. However, the pot became home to ugly cloth flowers while I shopped around for a bountifully-leaved tree. It's been almost 5 years and the cloth flowers live on. Shiloh pulls them off their plastic stems, one by one. I am actually happy about this because then I should have the motivation to finally buy a pretty tree! So in the picture, she sat on a flower and somehow, it stuck inside her diaper...I laughed out loud. She didn't seem to care it was there, even after I showed her.
She loves the chairs!! Her fondness for them makes them worthy of clashing with our red scheme in the living room.

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