Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There's a Springtime Scrooge in Our Midst

Shiloh largely detests socks! At any moment I turn my head then zip! off she has pulled those socks again! And it seems this is often when we are about to leave the house. She must believe that socks are bad for the complexion or she may have an aversion to sweaty feet. Come to think of it, she always pulls off her dolls' socks as well. It's the old adage..."whatever I like must be what you like" (although I think that is mostly antiquated now.) As I walked into her toy room this morning, I perused the floor and spotted my childhood American Girl Doll Kirsten (anybody remember those dolls?) in the doll cradle, sockless. Shiloh the Sock Snatcher was at it again.

There are many different calibers of dark chocolate. Trader Joe's makes a good dark chocolate, but Newman's Own and I have some serious issues. Maybe it went downhill after Newman left the scene. Therefore, I am savoring a piece of the yummylicious TJ's dark chocolate as I write. Maybe one day I won't like chocolate as much. It's a long, slow process of overcoming addiction.

Since the springtime environment has been absolutely GORGEOUS as of late, Shiloh, Mike and I choose to embark on more trailside treks. A few days ago, though, I saw a few disturbing things along the trail. As we merrily plunked along, with Shiloh in the Ergo and Pearl the dog straining at the leash, I viewed several neighbors wearing winter parkas. Winter parkas?? It was like 60 degrees out!! There I am, in a short-sleeved shirt and sweating, while Mr. Neighbor mows his lawn and Mrs. Neighbor tries to catch her runaway dog in full winter gear. Including hats. I don't know what this world is coming to. Spring may not be official for a few more days, but in my opinion, it sure is here. Back to the trail. Next, I saw a sprig that a sprig of (fake) mistletoe?? Yes, folks, it truly was. And it was stuck in a horrendous gash from the side of the tree. I think it was the Springtime Scrooge. There is no need for mistletoe in the springtime!! It got even stranger when we returned home. In the yard, there was a bristly (fake) limb from a Christmas tree. The Springtime Scrooge must know where I live.

Dogs have this innate sense of smell that amazes young and old alike. Without fail (except maybe once), every time I open some package of beef or cook some bacon or what-have-you...and I mean the very second it hits the air...Pearl the dog is suddenly my best bud!! Or, if she is outside, she begins barking her little furry head to no avail. And while I'm thinking of funny things, Shiloh began this new drama piece that is one you've gotta see. She sits down, flings her arms out wide, throws her head back, smiles, and then projects her body toward the floor.

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