Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sausage Smile

Hungry for breakfast?

Remember when I told you about Shiloh's birth? Well, I birthed her in a birthing tub in our living room and my husband caught her! He said she was a bit slippery; our midwife said it was called the vernix covering. After he passed her to me and I held her close and we nuzzled a minute, she gripped the necklace I had on with such a grip.

Speaking of strong grips! Lately, she hates diaper changes. She holds onto the sides of the changing table with an unholy passion...sad, too, since at one time it was a better time for her. Cooed, smiled, giggled, the whole deal...now, she mostly cries or at least sniffles. This started once she began having more solid food. I think it must be hard to...how can I say this lightly...pass it on. I don't recall having difficulty with that as a baby, so it may not be genetic; however, I don't remember a whole lot from being a baby, either. Go figure.

From my kitchen to yours: I made "Tangy Italian Flax Crackers" (check out http://www.aboverubies.org/ to order your very own raw food un-cookbook called Rejuvenate Your Life if you have a hankering to eat more raw-ly) and "Fantastic Falafels" yesterday. The falafels and my husband are not going to get along. He said it was the raw garlic. I like the smell of the stuff, but I'm not sure what I'm going to eat with it just yet. Maybe tacos? Anyhow, I also sprouted quinoa recently, which is incredibly easy to do and also very tasty. Salads have become a new phenomenon in this house because of those little quinoa sprouts, along with soaked sunflower seeds and sprouted chick peas. Don't forget to add goat cheese. A salad takes on a new flavor with some goat cheese. And ensure it's fresh, because old goat cheese tastes like curdled, well, goat cheese. And, sunflower seeds are much, much easier to munch on once they've been in a nice bath for a few hours. I think I dunked mine for 4-5 hours.

Fun With Dick and Jane is a spoofy, funny movie that Mike laughs his curly fro off the whole way through. It was on clearance today at Target, so I grabbed it as I purchased other necessities. He is watching it now and commenting and snickering as I write, and this makes my writing feel a little disjointed but somehow more...worthy. I love when Dick (who, along with his wife Jane, resorts to stealing when his company rips up his reputation by handing him a sinking vp job) in a mad, mad dash for sanity, burglarizes all of the neighbors' lawns so they'd have their well-manicured lawn back. It's ugly and patchy and his across-the-street neighbor gives him an odd look about the empty spot of grass in his yard, but then scurries inside when Dick gives him the EYEBALL. If you haven't seen it I hope I didn't spoil that scene for you.

We volunteer at a food pantry that's in a local church every Wednesday morning. It just happened slowly...we can always use help with the grocery bill. We heard tell of this church, went once as volunteers, and now it's a weekly family event! And oh yes, they give out free organic food!! Besides volunteering, we go through the food line and I've been so thankful for God and His provision in this way! They have bulk food items, too, like flax seeds, oats, rye berries and then rare items like dates, tabouli and coconut oil (which I snatched up like a sweet popsicle on a hot summer day for my homemade spa stuff I make!!) The food is so wonderful. Even more wonderful, though, are the people that we meet and get to talk with. I am beginning to remember some of their names and more of their faces. My friend Sarah's kids sometimes stay with us a few days before and after. They represent their family and get loads of food for their 9-soon-to-be-10-person family. That makes it even more fun. I get to load up fresh bagels in paper bags for the customers (is that the appropriate word--customers?), carrying the baby in the Ergo, and saying "please don't run back here" to my friend's kids all at the same time. I love it.


rachaeldear said...

allie- is this the tuesday's miracle event that you're speaking of? did it change days? i would be beside myself with excitment if that were the case since i now have class on tuesday mornings :(

Boho Rockin' Mama said...

Rachael...it's actually a food pantry at another church. How fun if you could come!!! Let me know!!