Monday, March 9, 2009

Socrates Jr.

Is it only I who missed the visit of the great philosopher's progeny at the trail near my house recently? Shiloh and I were on a looooong walk together today. As we walked over the bridge shielding us from the stanky sewage waters, I stumbled upon sage words from Socrates Jr. written on the bridges's rails: "People used to drink from these waters." Hmmm, thank you for the reminder. I'm glad I had a healthy swig of water before I left my house. Otherwise, I think I may have quenched my thirst with a bit of diseased creeky aqua. I have a high regard for the peoples of yore, especially those who partook of the flowing fountains of crawfish-laden creek beds.

More on bridges, now that I'm thinking of them. Mike wrote a song called "Building Bridges" about restoration with someone close to him. He has yet to add it to his myspace page, but I think he's working on recording it. Here is his music myspace page if you have a hankering for some redemptive rock:
He is a fabulous author, singer, and sound engineer all rolled into one musician. And no, I am not biased!

On our way back home after the park, we crossed paths with Socrates Jr.'s red Sharpie graffitied wisdom once again. "Why are you here?" it read. What am I supposed to respond? And to whom? Maybe there will soon be a Creekside Counselor with which to exchange oodles more penetrating thoughts for the day.

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