Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gorilla Munch or Bunny Crunch?

What's your inner cereal child? Do you think you're more of a Gorilla Munch or a Bunny Crunch type of person? Sorry, no quiz to help you find out. Just some cold hard facts and bright pics. Gorilla Munch mirrors the kid-tested, mother-approved golden oldie Kix, while Bunny Crunch mixes a taste of honeyed Smacks with a more healthy, rather yummier option of other grains. Today, I opted for Bunny Crunch. Shiloh didn't pick Gorilla Munch, but that's what she got. She likes it, though. This morning is one that I was not ready to greet yet. I couldn't sleep well last night (might have something to do with the fact that I went to bed at 2:30 a.m.) and was awakened promptly at 7:39 a.m. I also nursed every hour/two hours throughout the (very short) night. Yeah, so it's a cereal morning. No special breakfasts of vegan pancakes or steel-cut oats or even pre-cooked chicken sausage. Although, I do have a super-good-for-me-half-of-a-smoothie awaiting me in the fridge from yesterday, so I can always have that, too. In my sleep-deprived state this gray morn, on one hand I am very thankful to be so loved that my baby cannot stand a moment apart from me. On the other side of the script...Michael gets to sleep because he's sick!! 'Tis true that once a woman has a baby, sleep is a blessed commodity. Maybe someday, out there, I'll get sleep all the night through. But I'll have a twinge of sadness, for within that means that my baby will not need to nurse through the night as she has done for the last 9 1/2 months for every night. If you're a lady, you are probably familiar with ambivalent emotions for at least part of your time on this globe.

Back to Bunny Crunch. Sounds like had a pretty rough time swallowing--literally--Bunny Crunch Honey. Check out their review: Personally, I think it's closer to the high end of Delicious.'s reviewers must be too far removed from their bunny friends in nature, because they were rather scathing in their write-up. I feel this need to defend the cereal to all! Yeah, I have to be sleep-deprived when I become the cereal cause champion.

Shiloh just left half-munched Gorilla Munch on my shirt when she wiped her nose on me. Any moms out there relate? And how is it that I can nurse, type with my left hand (when I'm right-handed even) and sing her songs all at the same time? How is that for left brain-ness?

And for all my ranting! Shiloh just smiled her winning big-cheeked smile at me. God must have made Shiloh so uber-cute so that even in my weariness and busyness of this early dawn, I cannot help but smile back. Thank You, LORD!


Connie, the daisyhead said...

Bunny Crunch. Totally.

Just wait until having cereal for breakfast means about 3 boxes of cereal with none left over. Adult-sized children truly make cereal not an option anymore. sigh...

On the other hand, they can cook the breakfast. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

jen said...

I would have to choose Bunny Crunch. I know you shouldn't judge a cereal by its name, but the name had me sold!